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Converse Sneakers

In the online shop you will find a collection of Converse All Star sneakers. The most popular Coverse model can be found in the sneaker in various colors. The All Star sneaker collection offers both the high (Hi Core) and the low Converse model (Ox Core), so that you are assured of this cool stylish canvas sneaker in both winter and summer. Due to the presence of all colors of the traditional Converse model, the All Star sneakers can be perfectly combined with any color item of clothing. The Converse brand has its origins in the year 1908. Converse was founded by Marquis C. and was called the Rubber Shoe Company in the early years. The brand only really became known after Converse started producing sports shoes that were mainly intended for basketball players. The introduction of the All Star basketball shoe became one of the most successful choices in the history of the Converse brand. To this day, the All Star sneakers are one of the best-selling and most worn shoes in the world and the sneaker is considered a legendary shoe within the sport of basketball. Chuck Taylor, as a representative of the Converse brand, was the mastermind behind the All Stars. He has more than earned his spurs within the organization of the brand. That's why Chuck Taylor is still honored today. His signature and name are reflected on the logo of the shoe, which is visible on the side of the high model. Shoes are boring, wear sneakers!