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COPA Classic

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COPA Football Retro Shirts and Track Jackets

In the online shop you can find the entire collection of COPA Football collection retro shirts and football jackets. COPA Football is a distinctive sports fashion brand, which exudes football and its rich history in its clothing line. The COPA items are divided into 3 collections: The COPA Football retro shirts and training jackets collection is inspired by legendary teams, players, matches and tournaments from football history. The COPA 'classic' collection features masterful retro shirts, retro jackets and accessories. The COPA Football brand has several official collections with teams and countries such as AS Roma, Juventus, Benfica, FC Porto and the Dutch National Team (KNVB). The COPA Designed By collection is also included in the COPA range. This collection consists of t-shirts, socks, caps and sweaters. The COPA Football brand was founded in 1998 by a group of football enthusiasts and the products are produced in Europe. COPA Football retro football shirts and jackets only use high-quality fabrics. The fabrics are selected, checked and produced according to very strict quality standards. COPA's retro products are often manufactured exclusively by model. This ensures that excellent quality is always guaranteed. We are very proud of this collection for every football fan as well as the fashion freak.

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