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FCLOCO - Fault boxershort

€ 12,95 € 19,95


The comfort of boxer shorts is of course paramount for men. The use of high-quality material is therefore a plus. In addition to comfort, men are also increasingly opting for the looks of a boxer. Boxer shorts with hip colors and cool designs make it. In the Sportus online collection you will therefore find a wide range of boxer shorts from top and sports fashion brands such as Björn Borg, FC LOCO  and Puma. In addition to the basic boxer shorts in the colors black and white, the Sportus online range also includes boxer shorts in the freshest colors. The boxers of the Björn Borg brand in particular respond to this. The FC LOCO boxer shorts are distinctive with unique prints and are very popular with the male football supporter. The boxers contain cool prints that are an ode to tournaments, countries and players from the history of football. In particular, the Capita Catalana, Naranja Mecanica 88, El Diego and Der Adler 88 boxer shorts are items that should not be missing in a wardrobe of football freaks.

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