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P. Goldsmith & Sons

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P. Goldsmith & Sons Sports Accessories

P. Goldsmith & Sons is an American company from Cincinnati, Ohio that specializes in the production of retro sports accessories. For P. Goldsmith, the sporting goods business began in 1876 with the production of a baseball. In 1890, Philip Goldsmith's two sons became a partner in the company, and P. Goldsmith's Sons Co. was formed. The company produced sporting goods including various balls, helmets, baseballs, baseball bats, boxing gloves, pads and protectors, jerseys, trophies. Today, P. Goldsmith & Sons produces high-quality (leather) sports accessories such as leather retro footballs, rugby balls, boxing gloves, punching bags, golf equipment, etc. The times from the 1900's to the 1960's are relived here. High-quality materials and craftsmanship are used with passion for the product. The wish of P. Goldsmith & Sons is to keep the love for the product and to relive the history of the objects and the sport, the feeling of good material and the smell of the product.

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