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COPA Football T-Shirts

Check out the complete collection of COPA Football t-shirts here. The COPA t-shirts are also known as the COPA 'Designed by...' t-shirts, which were introduced in 2004. This made COPA the first brand to combine football, fashion and art. The t-shirts are created in collaboration with the greatest graphic artists and well-known football photographers from all over the world, such as Stuart Roy Clarke and Reinaldo Coddou H. The COPA t-shirts are handcrafted in Europe with the greatest care and pride. created. As a final finish, the COPA t-shirts are given a special treatment, probably their best kept secret, giving the shirts a super soft touch. At COPA, the passion for football runs through the veins and drives them to continue to create beautiful designs, with over 125 different t-shirts currently available.

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