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Cruyff City Pack

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When Johan Cruyff played matches, traffic jams arose around the stadiums. Johan has a special place in the heart of four iconic cities and the Cruyff City Pack collection pays tribute to each city. A mix of Cruyff glory, history and an ode to his connection to Amsterdam, Barcelona, ​​Liverpool and Manchester are featured in this special City Pack collection. The Cruyff City Pack consists of several t-shirts, hoodies and caps. All with iconic symbols from the different cities.

Johan Cruijff learned to play football on the streets of Amsterdam as a child. He and his friends often used 'Amsterdammertjes' as goalposts; iron posts used to hinder cars from parking on the sidewalk. The Amsterdammertjes are decorated with three crosses: a reference to the coat of arms of Amsterdam. Today, Amsterdammertjes are one of the most iconic symbols of the city. These two icons are brought together in this epic city pack. Put on the Amsterdam hoodie or the Amsterdam t-shirt and go cycling.

In the 1970s, Johan Cruijff showed 90,000 Mancunians at Wembley how Total Football is played. He crushed the 'Three Lions' with the help of his friends Johnny Rep and Rob Rensenbrink. He returned to Manchester in the 1990s. Not to beat English teams, but as a proud father in the Old Trafford stands. The history of Jordi and Johan in Manchester comes together in this legendary City Pack, starring the famous Worker Bee: a tireless player of Manchester F.C.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself walking through Barcelona and really taking in the beautiful panot tiles. They cover more than 5 million square meters of Barcelona's sidewalks and are ubiquitous in the Catalan capital. Johan Cruijff certainly walked a lot during his time there. The concept of failure was unknown to Johan. As he walked on the sidewalks and gazed at the iconic panot, the Flower of Barcelona, ​​he only smiled and reveled in the incomparable opulence of his second home. This feeling comes together in the Cruyff City Pack. Wear it and feel the elegance of Barcelona.

Johan's all-time favorite match was in 1966. In the legendary 'Mist Match', Ajax defeated Liverpool 5-1 in Amsterdam. A football match where 22 players with extremely impaired vision played and where folktales were born. Even the commentator wasn't always sure who scored. Liverpool remain one of the strongest teams in the world and their football shirts proudly carry the city's symbol, the Liver Bird, on their chest. This epic City Pack pays tribute to both. Wear it and embrace a legendary football game.

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